Discover a better way to cook with Blue Apron

Blue Apron is an online platform which makes cooking quite fun and easy for you. It offers the ingredients required to make a meal in just the right proportions. This platform supports the highest standards and in doing so it offers 100% sustainable seafood, Non-GMO ingredients and cargo free farm eggs. While you place an order here, you can expect fresh, seasonal and pre-proportioned ingredients and premium meats and sustainable seafood. Blue Apron also offers the recipe cards with step-by step instructions.

The very purpose of this online platform Blue Apron is to build a better food system. The way in which the food is grown makes it quite complicated for us to make choices. In such a scenario, Blue Apron makes the job easy by partnering with the farmers to raise the highest quality ingredients and creating a distribution system which delivers ingredients at a better value. The agroechologists at Blue Apron and farm partnerships team develops crop plans along with the farmers and also eliminates the middleman in the process. In the way the company delivers fresh, high quality food from farm to the kitchen, avoiding long and wasterful detours at costly grocery stores abnd creating greater food value

Each week the company send perfectly measured and pre-proportioned ingredients for cooking to hundreds of families which help in doing away with all kinds of wastage thereby helping them to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home. The team at Blue Apron introduces new ingredients, flavours and cooking techniques with seasonally inspired recipes that are delicious and fun to prepare. 

The founders of the company are Matt Salzberg (CEO), Ilia Papas and Matt Wadiak who tested the first Blue Apron recipes in their tiny New York City apartments. All they wanted was this that cooking should be an amazing experience for homemakes when they cook with specially and carefully selected ingredients giving a special taste and aroma to their dishes. They wanted to make quality produce and  special ingredients made available to all. Their success story could be assessed by the fact that Blue Apron sends over 8 million meals per month to our home chefs nationwide, and has thousands of employees that work across four offices to ensure each customer gets the highest quality product every week.

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